Fit Club Snack Bar

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Fit Club Snack Bar
(A Collaboration with Zoe’ George’s Fit Club Gym)

Getting into a daily or, if that’s a little more than you want, weekly exercise routine is a great idea. “The Fit Club Snack Bar" offers an al-a-carte menu of bite-sized 5 minute exercise routines. They take no time at all but can make a big difference if you regularly partake from the selection.

They are all about making life easier for all who may be “over 60” and, perhaps, just “a bit stiff in the joints” or “a bit out of puff”, or unable to "get around like we used to". It is also a great way to de-stress if isolation is getting to you. What a difference can be made with these simple and gentle exercises that we can all do whilst sitting in a chair – removing stress, reducing pain, improving posture, helping with balance, coordination, and so on.


Stretch and Swing

Happy Joints

Tap Those Toes

Upper Body

Please select your routine by clicking on its title. All you will need is a firm dining room or kitchen chair - preferably without arms. For some of the routines you may need the odd couple of items of improvised equipment that you can readily find around the house e.g. a ball or small cushion, a couple of cans of baked beans (other varieties are just as good!), a pair of old tights, etc. This is something we can all enjoy and feel better for.

And for those who would like to try our 25 minute “Set Menu” you may join in with:

“Exercise the Debenham Way” (Zoe’s Debenham Project “Fit Club” session)

You will see how much fun we have. Click here …….. to enjoy.