The Future

Debenham On-Call

The Debenham On-Call team of voluntary carers, has been created in collaboration with Christies Care, and is now a reality. It exists to help the family carer (husband, wife, partner, friend, or neighbour) of an elderly relative or friend who needs support day by day, hour by hour, and minute by minute – a demanding and exhausting role. When there is an emergency, an important appointment, or they may really need just a few hours for themselves, having a specially trained local friend and volunteer who can stand in and cope can be a “life saver”.

Please make this service known to anyone you know who could benefit from the reassurance that all they need to do is ring Sam Cage (01449 711551) or the Debenham Project Helpline (01728 862003). Debenham On-Call is not restricted to just family carers looking after someone with dementia. It is intended to offer cover for any elderly and frail person who needs someone with them in the house for all but very short periods of time.

For more information see the leaflet on the Leaflet Rack page.