Sights, Sounds and Songs of Nature

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Sights, Sounds and Songs of Nature
(Bringing together special contributions from local people*)

Although rain is so welcome for our gardens and for the farmers, sunshine really lifts my spirits and tells me that there is joy in just being in our local countryside, listening to the songs of nature, and being connected to nature in all its glory and simplicity - Who doesn't love to hear our local countryside birdsong - the blackbird, the thrush, the lark and the robin, the chiff-chaff, the turtle dove, the cuckoo, and the wren? But I also like to feel the wind and hear it rushing through the trees; and to listen to the raindrops as they fall from leaf to leaf in the trees above our heads. Experiencing and feeling part of the world around us can have a huge positive impact on our physical and mental well-being – The stress just melts away.

So, we are making a special effort to make our countryside available on-line. Over the past weeks of lock-down we have been offered lots of videos and wonderful photos that can’t fail to leave you wishing you had actually been there, or perhaps thinking “I remember just such a lovely walk so many years ago”. “Sights, Sounds and Songs of Nature” offers you enchanting videos and audio accompanied slide shows. Just Click to select.


Mickfield Meadow                                Near the River Alde

          Kingfishers Fishing                     Harvest Mouse               

The Bird Song Opera

Debenham Lake (Early Spring)                    Debenham Lake (Mid Summer)

4.45 and The Dawn Chorus  

A Stroll in a Japanese Garden              The River Alde at Snape Maltings

We hope you have enjoyed these glimpses of the Countryside and Nature in all he glory.

* Mike Challis, Arthur Jackson, Pam Harling-Challis, and Lynden Jackson