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On-Line Resources

Sights, Sounds and Songs of Nature

Sunshine really lifts my spirits and tells me that there is joy in just being in our local countryside, listening to the songs of nature, and being connected to nature in all its glory and simplicity. For me, it is while I am walking with our Labrador Nelly along the many footpaths around Debenham. Experiencing and feeling part of the world around us has a huge positive impact on our physical and mental well-being. The stress just melts away.

Over the past weeks we have been offered lots of videos and wonderful photos that can’t fail to leave you wishing you had actually been there, or perhaps thinking “I remember just such a lovely walk so many years ago”. In collaboration with Mike Challis, Arthur Jackson, and others, here is “Sights, Sounds and Songs of Nature” offering a menu of enchanting videos and audio slide shows. To tempt you, here are just two of the contributions: Mickfield Meadow and Kingfisher near the River Alde. For more click here

Singalong with The Debenham Project Songbook
(Old Times Songs Compiled and Performed by Stephen Mckie)

Many of you will know Stephen Mckie, our wonderful "Music Man", who has entertained us many times at our annual Garden and Christmas Carers Club parties. Stephen has, in his own inimitable style, recorded an extended concert of all the songs we love to sing - "A Melifluent Old Time Music Hall Extravaganza for your Delectation." I guarantee that you will find yourselves wanting to join in, and why not. So we have also produced "The Debenham Project Songbook" with the words to all the songs. To open the songbook and enjoy the concert click here. The words for all the songs can be downloaded from here

Exercise the Debenham Way

We all know that we should do at least a little regular exercise, but at this time when we, and especially our older and less mobile neighbours, are spending much of our time isolated in our own homes. Why not join in with our Fit Club on line? This is about making life easier for all who may be “a little over 60” and, perhaps, just “a bit stiff in the joints” or “a bit out of puff”, or unable to "get around like we used to". It is also a great way to de-stress if isolation is getting to you. This is something we can all enjoy and feel better for - to see how much fun we have; click here for a short trailer. For more information and to join in with the full session; click here ....

The Fit Club Snack Bar

Getting into a daily or, if that’s more than you want, weekly exercise routine is a great idea, As well as Zoe’s Debenham Project “Fit Club” session video, we have opened the socially distanced “Fit Club Snack Bar" which will offer a free al-a-carte menu of “Exercise Snacks”. These are specifically designed to suit the tastes and needs of those who just wish for a few minutes of gentle exercise specially prepared for their pleasure, and to ease a few aches and pains, and stresses and strains. To sample the first of these 5 minute snacks click here . For the full menu please go to The Fit Club Snack Bar ..........

Relaxation the Debenham Way
(A Short Course)

Inevitably, the social isolation of a family, an older couple, or an individual is often going to lead to frustration, stress and tension. It is sometimes very difficult to keep calm, especially so if you can't get out even for exercise. It is even more so for those who are caring for someone who has dementia or another chronic ailment. So we have created a short course for relaxing in your homes when things are getting tough. We are calling it "Relaxing the Debenham Way". If you can find a quarter of an hour each day to learn and practice these techniques I know you will not only be able to cope with stress and anxiety more easily, but also to feel refreshed when you are feeling down. To find out more click here .......

Coronavirus (COVID 19) Local Support, Help and Advice

15th July - There are lots of volunteers who are offering to shop and to help in many other practical ways, and lots of people with ideas of how to make this time less worrisome and stressful. So please do not hesitate to ask for help. Here is my understanding of what is in place now. More