Collaboration and Research

An Evaluation of the Health, Social and Well-Being Care for the Elderly in Debenham

Just before Covid arrived on our doorsteps The Debenham Project with the support of the Parish Council  commissioned, and collaborated with the University of Suffolk to carry out an initial research study exploring the availability, provision and quality of Health, Social, and Well-Being Care in Debenham. We felt that it is important that our local community should have a very clear understanding of the provision and costs of the  health, social and well-being care for our older residents. Despite the impact of the pandemic we have been able complete the study and publish the results of their work. I hope you will find the contents interesting and food for thought. As the annual the cost to Debenham and the surrounding area is well in excess of £16M (£1,800 per resident) it would seem appropriate that, as a community, we should seek to have a say in the future development of these services in the future.

We conducted this research purely  in support of our own community but, to develop influence, it is something that requires to be considered in a wider context. We hope that this report not only identifies some key issues for local people, but also makes a powerful argument for all local communities to set out their views, ideas (and plans) for the care of their older population. As the general desire for local and individual participation, i.e. co-production, in the planning for the development and provision of support services continues to increase, we hope that this research will lead to other parishes adopting a similar approach and putting the health and well-being of their older residents firmly on their agenda. Our hope is that every community should be encouraged to carry out their own health, social and well-being care evaluation leading to a “Community Care Plan” in a similar way as for “Community (Planning/Housing) Development Plans”.

The full report is available here

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