“Volunteering for The Debenham Project has been a totally
rewarding experience. I feel I have a greater understanding of the care and support systems that need to be in place and I am proud to be part of this project.”

The support and goodwill freely given by individuals in our community has been truly amazing.

At that first meeting over 20 people offered their time – “just tell us what to do and we will get on with it”. Now, there are 120 “on the books”, over 65 who help regularly, about 40 help on an occasional basis, and others have offered their time should it be needed.

We cannot say more than, “Thank you”.

The role of the volunteer is to “be there” for the carer, to create a friendly and social atmosphere, to know how to “press the right buttons” to get the best professional care and support, but, and most of all, to “make a difference” to the quality of living for those who seek our help.

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