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Hi everyone,

At last, Spring is with us, and we can hope that what follows will be a Summer of Sunshine – A time for outdoor events, fairs, garden parties, and the seaside. In The Debenham Project we are all looking forward to the end of this month when we ask our “famiIy” of carers, those they care for, volunteers, and other members of the Project to join us in celebrating its success in supporting all in Debenham and the surrounding area who are living with the impact of dementia on their lives. Thanks to our wonderful hosts, Mike and Lyn Rouse, it is always a very special occasion. Later in the Summer comes our “Day at the Seaside Day Out” on the beach at Felixstowe with a fish and chips lunch, rickshaw rides along the prom, and a paddle in the sea organised by Joy Walton. In between, I know you will be involved in any number of outdoor events, but would you like to put on a coffee morning or an afternoon tea in your garden? I’d love you to think about it – just let me know.

Talking about supporting the Project, earlier last month I was delighted to learn that that we had been chosen as Debenham Co-op’s nominated charity for the next few months. This means they will be actively promoting and fundraising for our work. One very simple way of helping would be to donate your Co-op dividend – just ask at the till to give to 609313.

Finally, following last month’s request, many thanks for the zips, flaps and buttons to be sewn on to Megan’s “Fiddle Blankets”.

With all my thanks and best wishes,    

Lynden Jackson

Visit to The Hut, Felixstowe 2023

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