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Hi everyone,

Very often we tend to think of major charities a bit like businesses offering a range of goods and services to its customers. And success is judged by the largest number of customers for the smallest costs. That is the basis of profitability – the guiding principle of economics. There is nothing wrong with that. It is fundamental to the creation of wealth and employment, which, in the case of charities translates to funding and staff resources.

However, successful community-based projects like The Debenham Project almost always follow an alternative principle – “provide the care and support now, and worry about the cost later”. We have always applied this approach by “getting on and doing something” – something that might help a family carer, or the loved one they care for, even if only just a little. We believe that no-one should have to cope with the impact of dementia on their own. We hope that The Debenham Project will always be somewhere to find help. Whilst the numbers that come to the Carers Club, Fit Club, Lunch Clubs, Songs for Sharing, etc. are great, the real benefits of the Project lie in the difference that it can make, personally and individually, from having someone to talk to, assistance with forms, information, advice, guidance, friendship, etc. etc. – all acts of kindness not readily to be measured by statistics.  I am convinced that it is these, and the personal relationships involved, that help and strengthen the well-being of those families amongst us who are having to live with dementia.

So far, this approach has never let us down. The Project costs approximately £8,500 a year but, thanks to the generosity of local individuals, businesses, and other organisations we have always managed to balance the books with a bit over for the future. This month I would like to especially mention the family and friends of John Seaman, Hartismere Lodge 1663, and Ruby and the Angel for their donations.  Thank you indeed.

With all my thanks and best wishes,    

Lynden Jackson

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